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I is for…

Little Buddha!  I am so very, very happy that you’re finally here!  But, we still have a lot of letters to get through, I don’t want your education falling short, just because you are now on the outside, instead of the inside!

Hang on, the next letter is:

I – is for Ice Cream.  You can’t have any of this just yet, but don’t you worry –Gramma will make sure you get to eat this lovely, creamy-cold treat!  Ice cream is sweet and nummy, and leaves such interesting stains all over yours and Mommy’s clothes!  Rather like the “Junior Ink Blot” kit, you can make your own Rorschach ice-cream blots, and let the grown-ups figure out what they mean!

This would be cooler in IceCream!

  This could be a whole new form of communication between little ones and their parents – and you would have been the innovator who started it all!

And just to make sure that your ink blots are around for a while?  We’ll get extra sprinkles, and LOTS of chocolate!  Maybe even some fudge…. Mommy will love that – she likes fudge!

I – is for Iowa.  This is where your Gramma came from, and someday, we’re going to have to take a road-trip there to show it to you!  Your Great-Gramma, Great-Papa, and Great-Great Gramma are also from there, so you have a long line of Iowans behind you.  It’s a beautiful state, and you’ll have a ball when we go.  Why am I so sure, you ask?  Cause I’ll be there to make sure of it! I can show you all the best places to throw rocks into rivers, catch snails, and climb on boulders that Mommy will probably say “Ick! NO!” to… (but shhhh…. we won’t tell her!)

I – is for Irresistable.  Because you are.  People have a hard time keeping their hands off you, Little Buddha!  You’re such a sweet, warm bundle, it’s hard to put you down.  And you’re getting to really like being held all the time!  It’s funny, since you’re only a few days old, but I don’t mind at all!

I – is for …. I Love You.  Because I do.  That one’s easy.

How could someone not love this?


2 thoughts on “I is for…

    • LOL! But, there are so many other flavors! Chocolate, and mint chocolate chip, and strawberry, and fudge ripple, and….*drooling* maybe I need some ice cream…

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