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J is for…

Little Buddha, every day you will learn new things about your world, and I’m honored to be just one of your teachers.  Now, sit up straight (What?  You can’t?  Oh no. being a newborn is no excuse for not paying attention… oh, alright, I guess you can just lie there, and be cute.  Just listen up, you’re gonna need these important words!)

J – is for Jello

 Sorry, kiddo.  Gramma will never be making you this favorite treat of many kids.  There’s just something about Jello that *shudder* just doesn’t sit still with Gramma.  However – Mommy loves Jello, so she can make this treat for you!  Now, if you want to talk about Jello PUDDING cups…  That’s a different story!  Bring it on, Little Buddha!  We can share, cause sharing’s good! 

 J – is for JammiesSmart people will tell you to pick your jammies wisely, Little Buddha.  They are a very important part of life, and should never be neglected.  You will want something soft, warm in winter, and cool in summer.  

And… Super Jammie Saturdays are at Gramma’s house!  When you come to stay, we’ll lounge around in jammies, eating junk food, and watching good movies, playing games, reading stories and/or baking (depending on how really lazy we feel!).  No hair-combing required, this is an all-out veg-fest, and should not be missed!   

 J – is for Jokes Darlin’, these are going to be a staple of your life.  There’s no denying that your family, especially on Gramma’s side, is full of jokers, both practical and downright goofy!  Irony, Sarcasm, and out and out silliness is all accepted and expected, so if you have a joke, feel free to let your funny flag fly!  Believe me, Little Buddha, there’s no prank too small, no knock-knock joke too old, we’ll listen and laugh at them all!  (Just ask your Auntie YoungerDaughter about her “Flower” knock-knock joke!)

J – is for Just Because.  Little Buddha, Gramma is going to be telling you this, to make sure you’re prepared.  Brace yourself – because people are going to be randomly coming up to you and wanting to love on you… Just Because.  You’re so adorable and sweet, it’s hard to resist. 

Also, Gramma will be buying you things, making you things, giving you things… Just because.  It’s something I do.  When I see something that makes me think of someone special – like you – I have a tendency to impulse shop and get it.  Not for a holiday, or special occasion, but just because.  Because I love you.

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