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K is for…

Little Buddha, I know we skipped a day yesterday.  Gramma is sorry.  Even “Super-Gramma-Teachers” get sick days, yes?  Please forgive the momentary lapse, my love.  Ah well, onward and upward!

Today is for K.  And K is for – Kisses!  Just another one of the many things you’ll be getting used to as you grow up, is accepting kisses from the people who love you!  (Don’t worry, Little Buddha – Gramma’s not one of those “creepy kissers”!  I’ll kiss cheeks and forehead, proper.  I may even throw in a zrrbrrt or two, just for good measure!) 



K – is also for Kamikaze.  Your Mama was one of these, always rushing headlong into everything.  Your Mama is the reason why our old hometown had to initiate the “No kids swim without a life-vest” rule at the local pool’s swimming-lessons!  She would jump in the deep end, at the age of 3, and didn’t care if there were lifeguards to catch her.  Knocked years off those teenage lives, and scared the… well… anyway… Little Buddha… give her a run for her money, wouldja?  Just for Gramma?  Please?  It’ll be our secret… Keep her on her toes, keeps her alert and paying attention! (He he… Gramma’s revenge…)

K – is for Knees.  You know, those bumps in the middle of your legs?  That’s where they bend when you run, when you climb, when you kick.   That’s also usually what gets hurt first when you fall down!  Knees get skinned, bruised, and bumped around – but when you’re at Gramma’s, I’ll always be right there with bandaids and kisses to take away the pain, and a hand to help you back up.  These weird looking knobs sticking out in the front of your legs actually do come in handy, Little Buddha, so keep them limber – KICK HARD! 

And – K – is for Keeper.  Because you are.  Love you, Little Buddha!

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