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L is for…

Little Buddha, today you are officially 1 week old.  And already, you have won over so many hearts with your contented, peaceful self – your Gramma was wise to give you the name “Little Buddha”, or… maybe you told me yourself that you were going to be that way.  Either way, you are a treasure.  Our lessons continue, as I want you to grow up to be not just peaceful and happy, but wise, yourself.  So…

L – is for Laughter.  My greatest wish for you, my dear grandson, is that your life is filled with laughter.  There is no better sound than that of a child’s laughter.  It makes everyone around them smile, and feel better.  And being able to laugh, when tears are closer, is a valuable gift.  Try to see the absurd in everything, my precious grandchild, for it will lighten any burden you have to carry throughout this life.

And, if you do it just right… you can make people wonder.  Wonder what’s so funny, wonder why you “get it” and they don’t, and wonder what you’re up to!

L – is for Labels.  Honey, people are going to try to label you your whole life.  This is to make it easier for them to figure out “how you fit” in the scheme of their worlds.

Never let the labels define who you are to yourself.

Some labels, like “Mom’s boy”, “Dad’s shadow”, and “Gramma’s Little Buddha”, are given out of love, and aren’t meant to box you up, but to create connections with the people who love you.

But some labels, are only to enclose you within someone else’s expectations.  Labels like – “Jock”, “Nerd”, “Slacker”, “Gearhead”, etc.  You will know these people, because they walk around with perpetual scowls on their faces.  Never happy with their own lives, they have to try to control others.  Don’t let them.

Be your own individual self, and let the labels be on your clothes where they belong… inside, telling you how they need to be washed & dried.

And, of course, L – is for Love.  Because you are, I do, and always will.


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