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M is for…

Little Buddha, how quickly life moves when you’re only about 20 inches tall, hunh?  Well, it doesn’t really get any slower, bud, but you do learn to step out of the stream of traffic once in a while – and let it flow without you for a little bit so you can catch your breath.  Now, let’s get back to paddling, shall we?

M – is for Monday.  There.  I said it.  The bad word that starts us down a slippery slope for a whole week. 

Appropriate Monday Face.

Mondays are not everyone’s favorite days, Little Buddha, and I’m giving you this “heads-up” early, so you know to not be one of those overly-chipper “Happy Monday, Everyone!” kind of people. You’ll have troubles if you are.  Take Gramma’s word on it.

Mondays do have their uses, though I guess.  It gives everyone something to blame for the grouchy way they feel once their weekends are over.  Something good in everything bad, hunh, little guy?

Sure.  We’ll go with that.

M – is for March.  This is the month you were born in, Little Buddha.

Happy March, you adorable little leprechaun!

  This is also the same month your Mommy was born in, and her birthday is just 3 days before yours!  March is usually a cold, windy month, bud, but this year, your arrival saw blue skies, warm weather, and sunshine like nobody’s business.  I see this as a foretelling for your life.  You will bring blue skies, warm weather, and sunshine everywhere you go, Little Buddha.  You already have, in so many ways!

And of course, M – is for Mommy.

Little Buddha, your Mommy was my first baby, just as you are her first baby.  There is a special bond with the firsties, as you will learn.  Mommys learn so much from their firsties, and sometimes make mistakes, too.  There’s a learning curve for everyone the first time around, so don’t give up on her, she’ll figure it out.  She’s doing a pretty good job already!  You just went for your first doctor’s visit, and the doc was happy to report that you are healthy, and growing like a little weed!  Just remember, your Mommy is going to be the most important person in your universe for a while, along with your Daddy, and they both love you like crazy.  Just like I love your Mommy – my firstie baby.

My firstie, my Peanut

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