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N is for…

Half-way there, Little Buddha, and I can tell you this has been an eye-opener for me too!  The alphabet has never been this much fun before – well… except for Big Bird’s rendition of how you’d pronounce it if it were all one word!


Well, now for the New Words!

N – is for No.  Probably one of the first words you’ll ever learn, Little Buddha!  This word is packed so full of DON’T and WON’T… but never let that get you down, bud.  No is going to be a word you hear a lot, but you CAN get around it.  Bat your eyes, smile that smile, use your best manners, and you’ll get more than you ever thought you could!  Especially with Gramma! 

When you see this look aimed at you - run. Don't look back. Seriously.

No is supposed to be there to help keep you safe, and sometimes you have to accept the “No”.  When Mama gets “that look” in her eye, let it go, Little Buddha.  Just let it go.  Having used the “Mom Look of No” myself many times over the years, I know from experience that your Mama won’t back down, won’t give in, and won’t apologize when she paddles your behind for insolent  and unbecoming behavior in a minor.  Just call it a win for your Mama, and live to argue another day.

N – is for Naughty.  This goes really well with the No.  If Mama tells you “NO” and you do/take/go anyway… well, then you’re Naughty, and won’t like the results.  Of course, my Little Buddha could NEVER be naughty, so we won’t go any further with this word…  today.

N – is for Nickname.  Little Buddha, you’ll have many nicknames over the course of your life.  Before you were born, I heard your parents refer to you as “Da Bump”, “Beebee” (that was from your Daddy, who really wanted you to come out and play), “Little Buddha” (from me, of course!), and “Little Alien” (because of the way you’d make Mama’s tummy look when you moved around!)  Now that you’re here, you have many other nicknames like “Little Man”, “Baby Dude”, and “Turtle”.  These are all affectionate and said lovingly by people who cherish you for who you really are. 

There may be times when, throughout your life, you’ll get other nicknames.  Maybe – not-so-nice ones.  Don’t let these get to you, Little Buddha.  Please.  These bullies are just jealous of how special and spectacular you are, so they’ll try to knock you down.  Hold your head up, and walk on past them.  They may call names, but they’ll never touch who you are inside.  Blow them off, Little Buddha, that’ll drive them crazy, and you’ll have the pleasure of taking the high road!

And lastly for today, N – is for NAP. 

Take them.

Wherever and whenever you can. 

Believe me – you will learn to cherish your naptimes as you get older.  Life is hard, and it moves faster than you can imagine, precious grandson.  Sleep is a rare commodity these days, so you have to take it where you find it.

Naps rock.


3 thoughts on “N is for…

    • LOL, I’m actually thinking of making Little Buddha a book for when he gets older.

      Possibly… much… much… older… 😉 depends on whether Mama ED will let him read them or not!

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