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O is for…

Little Buddha, it’s the middle of the week now, and just past the middle of the alphabet.  Time for another letter and another round of “What’s this crazy lady think she’s doing?”  Well, I’m teaching you things you should know as you get older, sit up straight and pay attention!  No slouching now, we’re over half-way done!

O – is for Obstinate.  Yes, this means stubborn.  Yes, this means the immovable object in the path of the unstoppable force.  And yes, this wil mean you.  Just as it means your Mommy, your Gramma, and everyone else in your family – at least on this side.  I don’t want to speak for the other side (although I can see the signs there!) – but I do believe that a Battle of the Wills has begun within the newest generation. 

Good for you, Little Buddha.  Give your Mama some of that good ole-fashioned “Gramma’s Revenge”!  He he he he he…

O – is for Obnoxious.  Obnoxious is what Mommy means when she’s had “Just. About. Enough.”  When she gives you “that look” and you know that you’re riding the knife’s edge of trouble.  Should you push juuuust a little more?  Just to see how far you can take this?  Or should you back off a little, discretion being the better part of valor and all?  (Shh, Little Buddha – Gramma will teach you more about this word later… just between us… don’t tell Mommy, K?  We’ll just call it – – training…)

O – is for Oak Park.  Little Buddha, this is one of Gramma’s most favorite places in the whole world, and I want to show it to you.  It got hurt last year by a lot of water being all over the place, but it’s making its way back to being a slice of peace and serenity – right here in our town.  The grass is cool, the trees are tall, and the playground is right in the middle of the prettiest oak trees, ever.  We’ll take walks, and have picnics, Little Buddha, and I’ll teach you all about grass and sky and trees and how geese are for watching and feeding- not for chasing!

O – is for Observe.  You are already so alert and aware of your surroundings, Little Buddha, that it’s hard for me to remind you to be observant.  Make sure you keep your eyes open, your ears clear, and your mind willing to accept everything that comes in as valuable – whether you actually use it or not.  Observe the world around you, precious grandson, watch and learn.  You will see what not to do probably more often than what is good and right – I’m sorry to say that’s a lot more normal these days.  But, as long as you keep open mind, eyes and ears, you will be able to make your own decisions, smartly.  Because you learned at an early age to PAY ATTENTION.


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