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P is for…

It’s Friday once again, Little Buddha, and you are now 2 weeks old!

Bestest of all is Mommy

One of your favorite things to do is to snuggle. Best, of course, is with Mommy, but I’m privileged to know that you like to cuddle up with Gramma too, and that I can get you to calm down when you’re upset, or hungry. I love being one of the people in your life who is allowed to love you!

So, to kick off the new week of your life, I have a very special first word for our next letter:

P – is for Papa.  Papa is your Great-Grandfather.  Gramma’s daddy.  He is an amazing man, and I’m glad that you are able to get to know him.  He taught your Gramma – and your Mommy – so many things, that it’s hard to pin down just one or two.  But, and here is the most important thing I think, his wisest words to me throughout my life have always been… Poop washes off.

Yes, Gramma said Poop.  Don’t get upset, Mommy won’t mind – because she knows it’s true, too.  Poop comes to you in many forms over the years, both literal and figuratively.  And as long as you can remember that you can wash it all off – you’ll be alright.  Papa is funny, smart, compassionate, and calm.  He will tease you and love you and teach you many things.  Watch him, and you’ll learn what it means to be a good man and father, grandfather, great-grandfather. 

P – is for Patience.  Let’s teach Mommy this word, together… hunh?  *snicker* Being a “firsty-baby”, you get to teach your Mommy all kinds of cool new tricks, and patience will be one of them.  This one can be fun, but it can also get you into a lot of trouble.  Careful where you step when you’re working on your Mommy’s “patience lessons”, Little Buddha, or you’ll end up having a “discipline lesson” taught to youbyyour Mommy.  There’s a big difference.  If you don’t believe me, ask your Mommy.  She taught Gramma LOADS of patience.

P – is for Pacifier.  You hate these right now – and yet you love them too.  There’s no getting away from them, they’re everywhere!  In your bassinett, on table tops, tucked into your diaper bag and in various pockets on Mommy’s person – the pacifiers just seem to multiply randomly!

That’s ok, I guess, as they work sometimes to calm you a little.  But not for long!  Mommy knows that this is only a temporary fix, so she doesn’t waste too much time with them. 

But… Little Buddha, these small objects of mass destruction can come in handy…

For tossing to the floor and waiting for an unsuspecting parent to step on in the middle of the night…

For tricking the cats into thinking that they “can be the baby” too… then YANKING it back out of their grasp…

And for launching at high velocity at someone/thing that’s perturbed you.  Just remember… Gramma will play catch and release.  And you’ll get it right back!

And, the last one of the week –  P – is for Ponder.  Don’t look at me like that.  Take time every day to ponder on something.  I’ve seen you do it.  You get this far-away and slightly lost look on your face.  I know better than to think that you’re filling your diaper, or headed out for a nap… I know you’re pondering the mysteries of the universe.  Don’t kid a kidder, kiddo!

I’ve got you figured.  Give you a few years and you’ll either rule the galaxy, or will have cured every disease on the planet.  I know – I see it in your face. 

You’re headed somewhere.

Or… maybe it’s just a gas bubble…


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