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R is for…

Rare smiles.  The best ones of all.

Little Buddha, you have only 2&1/2 weeks under your turtle shell, and yet you are already the ruler of our household!

No wonder you’re smiling, you little stinker!

Anywho – the next letter in the alphabet is…

R – is for Read.  Someday soon, Little Buddha, I will start reading stories to you.  And someday after that, you will be reading these posts that I’ve written for you to yourself.  And probably, shortly after that… you’ll be reading to me, because I’ll be old and feeble and will demand that you read to me and feed me and prop the pillows up behind my back so I can see you – – and who the heck are you anyway?

No?  Ok, well, can’t blame a Gramma for trying!

R – is for Radio.  This probably won’t mean much to you growing up.  By the time you get to the age where you really care about music, most of it will be digitally processed via the internet, and most likely,actual radios will have gone the way of the dinosaur!  But… radio was really cool while it lasted… kinda like MTV.  I know you don’t understand this either – but at one time?  MTV stood for MUSIC TELEVISION.  Yes – really.  I’m not kidding.  They played real music, and VIDEOS.  No, not like YouTube, where people mock the songs, but videos that the artists actually created themselves… to be shown on television.  I know!  Hard to believe, right?  But it all happened, just like that! And radio was there first.  Yes, seriously.

R – is for Raisins.  Little Buddha, someday, your Mama is going to hand you a handful of these little, brown, wrinkly pellets and try to tell you that they’re “yummy” and “Good for you”.

Do these look "Yummy"? NO! They look like Rabbit doo!

 Reject this!  These are so-called “healthy snacks”!  They are not what you want!  Hide them in your pockets, drop them quietly to the floor (don’t worry, they don’t make a lot of noise… too squishy!), feed them to the dog/cat/plants…

Raisins are just dried up grapes.  If your Mama wants you to have fruit, tell her you want it like all other kids – in FRUIT ROLLUPS!

You’re welcome for the timely warning…

R – is for Rebel.  Be one.  Oh, I know, not to the point where you are rebelling against everyone and everything, just for the sake of being different…

I just don’t want you to feel like you have to conform – just for conformity’s sake.  Rebels are the people who break new ground, the ones that make the life-changing discoveries.  Rebels don’t take “You can’t” for an answer, they say “Why the hell not?” and go out and try it for themselves. 

Being different doesn't mean being bad - just find your own way and follow it!

Rebels don’t let peer pressure push them in directions they don’t want to go.  They show others the direction they’re going, and let them decide for themselves whether they want to be sheep and follow the herd – or be individuals, and take after the rebel. 

Precious grandson – believe this – our family is full of so-called “black sheep”.  Be exactly who you are, and you’ll fit right in with the rest of us!

6 thoughts on “R is for…

    • Nope! Don’t let them fool you with chocolate… they’re still fruit (GASP!), hence, healthy. They’re sneaky, like those “yogurt covered anything”… they pretend they’re sweet and bad for you… but they’re just HEALTHFOOD in disguise! Blech.

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