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U is for….

Unbelievably, I’ve almost made it through the whole alphabet, Little Buddha!

Words, words, words… and many more things to say!

But now, we get into some of the more difficult letters to define, so here we go!

U – is for Up.  Up is many things, Little Buddha.  It is the way you will grow, healthy and strong.  You are already growing like the bean stalk in the story of Jack the Giant Killer (we’ll get to that one later, don’t worry!  Just believe me when I say – That’s TALL!), and it’s the direction I wish for your life to take as you move through it. 

Up is where I want your heart to be, happy with life, and full of all the love you’ll be getting from me and the rest of the family.

Up is where you’re going to “chuck” when you don’t feel good… making a general mess, and stinkin’ up the joint.  I’ve already been so baptised by yourself, as has your Mama, many of your blankets and clothes and bedding.  Time to get Daddy.  He’s got it comin’.  I’ll help you with your aim.

U – is for Unpredictable.  Life can be this, definitely.  Although you will hope for the best, always… sometimes life will throw a curve ball to you – directly at your head.  Sometimes, you reach up, just in time – and catch it.  The game is saved, and you don’t end up on the ground, dazed. 

Couldn't have predicted that one!

The best way to be prepared for the unpredictableness of life, Little Buddha… is just to keep your eyes open.  Be aware of what’s going on around you, and be ready when the unexpected happens.

Because it always does.

Unpredictable can be a good thing, too… Like bringing your sweetheart (or your Gramma – hint hint) flowers/cards/something quirky and funny, just for the heck of it, because you saw it, you were thinking of them, and couldn’t resist.  Leaving someone a hidden note, telling them they look pretty, or you thought their joke was funny, or even just a smiley face and a hug… it’ll make their day, I promise.

Be unpredictable.  It makes it harder for the aliens to find you.

No one wants to be this guy->

And the last new word for today?

Well, U is for Universe.

It’s big.  Really big.  We live in it, and are a part of it, but we don’t understand a whole lot about it yet.  We’re getting there.

I know, right now, your whole universe revolves around Mommy and Daddy and the rest of us hooligans you will come to call family… but it really is bigger than that.  And hopefully, someday, we’ll find a way to explore more of it.  Learn more about it.  And make something better of ourselves as human beings.


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