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V is for…

It’s cloudy and kinda yuck outside today, Little Buddha.  Spring is taking its time getting a good hold – it’s been rather coolish for the last couple of weeks (in the 20’s to 40’s range).  I want more sun, but I know we need the cooler, wetter weather too.  Never argue with the weather, Little Buddha.  Make the best out of every day with what you get.  Cooler weather means snuggling up in the house, so hey! it’s not all bad!  But the work goes on, and you have letters and words to learn – so let’s get to it!

V – is for Victory!  Of course it is, Little Buddha.  You are already victorious at winding Gramma around your little fingers, along with everyone else who’s met you so far.  I know this is probably only the first step in your path to world domination, so I’m glad to know I get in on the ground floor of minionhood!

Gramma’s gotta get all the face time and brownie points she can now, before your Mama & Daddy find their own place to live, and you aren’t right there, in my living room, everyday! 

V – is for Vent.  When you need to, my beautiful grandson, you can come to Gramma’s house to vent.  Everybody needs a safe place to get frustrations and anger and all the things that just fill you up with a case of Had Enough off your chest.  If ever you need me, Little Buddha, I will be here to listen, to commiserate, and to kick the collective heineys of anyone who picks on you.  Gramma’s got yer back.

And, I know, that if you don’t have that place to just let yourself be angry, be frustrated, it all goes sideways in a hurry.  So, don’t worry about it, my Little Buddha – buddhism may be based on peace and serenity… but it ain’t always that easy to find.  Sometimes you have to be allowed the space to be righteously pissed off. 

So, just because you’re nicknamed after a man of peace, doesn’t mean you’ll always feel peaceful.  And that’s normal, dude.

V – is for Value.  Always be aware of this, Little Buddha.  In everything you can, try to remember the value that it brings to your life, to others, to the world in general. 

Know the value of the things in your life.  If they provide what you need, then the value of something small and inexpensive can be far greater than something that cost an arm and a leg… but doesn’t do you a damn bit of good.  Get rid of things that don’t bring you value and worth to your life, Little Buddha.  They’ll just clutter up your space, leaving no room for better things – things that will make a difference for you.

Know the value of others’ words, Little Buddha.  If they impact you, make you think and act in a way that betters your life or others… then they definitely have value.  But if their words are only used to slice away pieces of others – then they have no value at all, and need to be ignored – or pushed aside. 

And, my darling Little Buddha – know your own value.  Don’t let anyone else try to make you less than you actually are.  Stand up and acknowledge your worth, because it is incalculable – priceless – and there is no one who can say otherwise.

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