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The Dragon and the Butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a dragon.  Silver, with flashing eyes and a talent for blowing things up, it wandered among the islands in the sea, searching for – someone to talk to.

The dragon had long been chased, hither and yon, from every place where the two-leggeds lived.  They were afraid of the dragon, because it was so fearsome-seeming, and it did have a habit of causing explosions.  Even when he tried to speak quietly, the two-leggeds would run away in terror, only to return while it slept, threatening it and driving it out of their lands.

And so, the dragon, resigned to living alone, wandered… ever in search of someone who would listen, and maybe, be his friend.

One day, as the dragon lay in a clearing full of dandelions, puffing smoke from its nostrils, and blowing the dandelion fluffs up into the air… a bright red and blue butterfly floated into the meadow.  Quietly, slowly, the dragon lay in the field of flowers, watching the butterfly as it danced from dandelion to dandelion, getting ever closer in its wanderings.

Until, finally, the butterfly landed on a flower right – in – front – of – the – dragon.

Gently, the butterfly landed on the head of a large yellow dandelion, fanning its wings and rubbing its legs in the pollen.

The dragon watched, and as the butterfly looked up, into the silvery shine of the dragon’s nearest eye, it spoke, softly, in its smallest whisper.

“Hello, lovely butterfly.  Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid, silver one,” the butterfly spoke back, its voice surprisingly low and unfazed.

“Truly?” the dragon asked, blinking in surprise, “But, everyone else is, how can you not be?  You’re so small, and I’m so large and fearsome looking, why are you not afraid like the two-leggeds?”

“Why, because the two-leggeds only see with their eyes, while I see with my whole being.  It’s because I’m so small, not even close to a single bite for one such as you, and yet you speak to me instead of simply destroying me.  You could no more harm me than I could you.”

The dragon was struck with this, the truth shining as brightly as the butterfly’s wings, and he smiled, a fearsome, toothy smile, while smoke curled around his lips and rose from the sides of his head.

“Will you be my friend, dear little butterfly?  I promise not to hurt you, if you’ll promise not to leave, and we can fly the world over having adventures.  Please, will you be my friend?”

“But of course, my dear silver heart.  We are already friends, are we not?  Meeting in this field of flowers that others only consider weeds, we are misfits, both of us.  But, we both have wings for flight, and hearts that see more than just what is before our eyes, and so, are perfectly suited for each other.”  The butterfly fluttered her wings, bringing herself to the level of the dragon’s nose, and lightly landed there, looking directly into the dragon’s eyes.

“Then, my lovely butterfly, let us be off, let us leave this land of misguided two-leggeds, and find the world for ourselves.”

And so they did.  The dragon and the butterfly, so different, and yet – the best of friends, off on the adventures of a lifetime.

~For you, x



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