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Sister of Anarchy

I was watching my favorite show tonight, Sons of Anarchy,  and came to a realization.

Gemma Teller Morrow is the TV characterization of The Morrigan.


She is the Mother of Chaos and Battle, this woman. The Queen of Crows.  Every believed slight is a reason to lash out in fury; any strike at her family, real or imagined, a spur to unleash her bloodlust. 

Dark, angry and hurt, she goads others, stirring the mix, until revenge is seen as the only path, bloody vengeance, the choice du jour.

She cloaks all of her actions and words in the maternal instinct to take care of her family, when in reality, I believe that she is more likely lashing out at a world that has dealt her a vicious hand.

Married to a man in a motorcycle club, who was killed for greed and power before the show began, she then marries the man who murdered her husband. Her son, Jax, wishes to uphold his father’s desire to take the club legit? And she helps her husband’s murderer hide the truth from her own child.

More chaos follows this woman than any other I’ve seen, ever.

She drips anger, sows hatred and mistrust, everywhere she goes.

All the while, dressing like the badass empress of motorcycle heaven. The Queen who rules from the shadows, whispering in a hissing, husky voice, into the ears of any who come near.

And then stands back, watching the carnage unfold in her wake, stepping softly so as not to bloody her own shoes.

When will the karmic wheel catch up with her?

Well… this IS the final season of SOA…
And I’ll be watching the skies for those crows of hers…….


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