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The Human Fist

Not everything is peachy, not everything is keen. Some days are better than others, and some days just suck rocks.

And some days, there’s nothing obvious going on, but I take a breath. …

And realize I’m once again the Great Clenched Human Fist.

Every muscle feels locked in place, curled and tense, my chest tight with dread.

Not a crisis… but a million little things that add up to chronic, generalized anxiety. 

Meditation no longer helps the way it once did, and insomnia is a constant, unwelcome guest in my home.

I can’t wait for my annual checkup on Monday. My doctor only sees me once or twice a year, and I think she’s coming to dread those visits… time to visit about getting back on anti – anxiety meds… *sigh*

Goddess, some days I think I deserve to wear a cape, simply for getting through the day without ending up in the jacket with the silver buckles & self – hugging straps.



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