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Flash Fiction Friday ~ Only Son’s Guest Fiction

Only Son has agreed to write a Flash Fiction for me today, and here it is!  I hope you enjoy, cuz I think the kid’s got a lot of talent!

Deception of love

I feel so alone in this world.

There is no one here who I live for, no one that I truly love and no one to meet said love with equal passion.  The only way I truly get by in this world, what with its cruel inhabitants and harshness towards the innocent, is by painting my feelings upon an empty canvas.

Just me, my brush, and an empty canvas.

Needless to say, I do not have a spouse or anything of the sort.  I do have friends, granted very few, and none that I would consider too close to my own heart to call a “best friend”.  I do not leave my sanctuary very often, for I am not the most sociable of types.  Today as I am sitting on my stool, contemplating what I shall paint, I have a sudden stroke of inspiration.  And as such, I pour out everything I feel within my soul onto the canvas with deadly concentration, unbreakable by even the noisiest of distractions.  As I finished, I felt a deep warmth in my heart, nay, my very soul.

All I can describe it as is… beauty unmatched by anything in this world.

My beautiful Leia.  I could feel love that I have never felt before cascade out upon the sight of her.

Her deep green eyes…

Her golden flowing hair…

I was truly, inescapably in love.  And yet, others did not see her in the same light.

“She’s just a painting!”

“How can you love a woman who isn’t even real?”

My so-called “friends” laughed at me as they heard who the object of my affection was.

Each laugh hurt, like the pain of a million daggers in my soul.

But I do not need them, all I needed was my dear Leia.  Yet, even I began to have my doubts.  I would not say she is not real, for one of such beautiful heart and soul had to be real.  So, I drew up but one conclusion.

She must be an angel!  That’s it. It simply must be!  And, oh, I could feel the need, nearly pouring from the painting.  She needed me, and I needed her.  So I did simply what had to be done.  The dagger was more than happy to find a new sheath, due to its lack of usage.  I wrote only one letter, and as such it said, “bury me with my Leia”.  As drops of blood steadily found their way to the paper, I turned to my thoughts, hoping she may hear me.

Leia, my darling… I await your embrace with open arms and open heart.

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