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Days Gone Past

Anniversary. The word that means to remember all the days gone past. To celebrate the triumphs, large and small. To stand in witness to the sad times, the bad times, and realize that, somehow, you made it through them all.
You’ve survived. You’ve learned and grown from all of life’s lessons, so far. And – you’re still here.

And what am I doing?

I’m lying, awake, at 1:30 A.M., realizing that my blogging anniversary happened 2 days ago… And I missed it.

5 years, WordPress tells me.  5 years since I started down this path of self-expression.  And WordPress speaks softly in my ear…”Are you done screaming into the darkness of the internet yet?”

And the answer is no. I’m not finished.
I’m still here. And I still have more to say.

For 5 years, I’ve shared both joy & pain with you all. I’ve watched people walk both into, and out of, my life. I’ve bared myself, time and again, trusting that what I had to say might touch someone out there. That my words might have meaning.  That I would be heard, and understood, even if only by one.

It hasn’t always been easy. It’s a delicate process… Opening up, sharing. Never knowing till after the fact whether I was going to be accepted or ridiculed for what I had to say.

But, the WordPress community has always been supportive.

I’ve made some dear friends, some who are still in my life today, and some who followed different paths, fading back into the mists of the web.

It’s been a strange and wonderful ride.  And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  Thank you, WordPress, for giving me this forum to “scream into the darkness”. And thank you, all of you readers, for sharing the journey with me.

It’s not over yet.  There’s more ’round the next bend.

And another anniversary waiting up ahead.




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