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A Far Off Sound

I took some time to sit outside on my front porch, tonight. Spring has finally peered her frousled head over the North Dakota horizon, & the temps have been most cordial to porch-sitting.

Well, it’s more of an extended step, than a porch, but it’s enough to plant my butt on while I stare up at the stars.

And as I sat there… I first unsuccessfully tried to reach E, which was disappointing, & a little depressing. We don’t get to talk much, these days, & I miss it, very much. I thought things would improve once he was back on this side of the ocean… It’s different, but not necessarily better.  I know he’s busy, but – it’s still disappointing.

So, I tucked my phone back in my pocket.

It’s quiet in my neighborhood. I live only a few blocks from the “edge” of town, so I don’t get a lot of city noise. But what I can hear – are the coyotes. Yipping and the occasional howl, off in the distance. And, in my head, I can see the pack, loping through the fields on the other side of the highway; calling out to one another.

They are a family, far off in the distance.

Sitting, alone, on my porch/step… I’m suddenly reminded that I am alone.

How lonely, that yipping, that family, far off in the distance.

*and no less than 20 minutes after posting…. E called. And the lovely sound of his voice soothed away the distance, the loneliness… And once again, I am no longer quite so alone*


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