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Existential Weekend

I’ve been rearranging the furniture in my living room over the last few weeks. Shuffling the couch, rugs, chairs & tables around, usually by myself- trying to find my Feng Shui, I guess.

Every once in a while, I know I like to shake things up, change my perspective of the world, see things in a different light.

And moving the furniture around is merely a physical representation of that.

I’ve been in limbo for a while now, waiting for things to change, waiting for him to arrive, waiting, waiting…waiting.  I know that true change takes time, but I hate waiting. I don’t get to do anything about what he’s going through right now, & the things that have to change for him before he can get here.

But, I want to affect something. I want to make a change, for a change.

So… maybe the couch would be better over there?


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