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Tuesdays are for Nonsense and Musings



I want someone who will introduce me to his friends with a silly grin on his face.

Someone who, when I’m in a bad mood, knows to just let me be mad…and then when to coax me out of it with a smile, a kiss & a hug.

Someone who will let me take care of him when he’s not feeling well, instead of being a big, tough bastard who needs no one.

Someone not afraid of the commitment I need in my life. I need that, and haven’t had it for a very long time… including when I was married.  He was committed to remaining married, but he had no desire to commit to loving me, or even liking me, very much.  I need to know that the man in my life wants ME, with all that entails.

I’ve been talking to/involved with someone long distance for almost 2 years now, and I’m hoping that he’ll be able to come here soon. (It’s a long way from there to here, but we’re working on it)

He wants the whole shebang. Family, home, love, a life together, forever and ever, amen. 

And I sit here, just hoping… crossing fingers/eyes/toes… because I’ve had it all fall apart too many times, leaving me alone.


And now, for the Nonsense:

I gave Schnicklefritz, the Toddler Tornado,  a haircut last night. Buzzed on the sides and back, and just long enough on top to give him a “faux hawk”. I would post a pic, but I was not allowed to paparazzi him. Some days he loves the camera, other days…not so much.

EldestDaughter & Schnicklefritz are going to see family in Iowa this weekend, and OnlySon is headed to his father’s after school lets out for the summer tomorrow… contemplating a weekend alone, you say?

Enter tragic drama with YoungerDaughter! Roommate troubles are bringing her home for some “Mommy and Sympathy” time. A little late-night binge tv, some desperately unhealthy snacks, & some thrift shopping is what’s on the menu… along with some house cleaning.


Gramma, I love you! And the dirt pile in Great-Grandma’s yard. Hugs??


My dad stripped this of many years’ worth of paint, & I wood – filled some nail holes, sanded the top, & sprayed 3 coats of semi-gloss polyurethane on. New brushed nickel drawer pulls & nailed the lock covers back on.

I like it just how it is, stripped of artifice, with the evidence of the past still marking it, ever so slightly, but shielded from the elements, put back together, & made useful again.

Hmm, maybe some Musings among the Nonsense.



6 thoughts on “Tuesdays are for Nonsense and Musings

    • Thanks for the positive words. Sometimes I think I’ll be like my grandmother, falling in love over & over (her story is a little different, 4 deceased husbands) and sometimes, I think I’m going to end up alone, because I just can’t seem to find anyone willing to stick it out anymore. I’ll be 45 next week… midlife crisis or not, I can hear the clock ticking as time marches past me.

  1. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now!! I feel the same way about my relationship as you do about yours. Just know there is someone out there rooting for you !!

  2. m new at this, so may be leaving my remarks in the wrong place. I just read your tribute to Dr. Hordinsky. He was a man without parallel. I didn’t know that Dr. Freud had been a teacher of his. Everything you stated brought back a memory…especially the mention of his books and magazines and how he opened to the exact page. Each of our four family members were patients of his. Thank you for honoring him in this way.

    • I was the one who was honored to have known him, even if only for a handful of years. Thanks, Donna, for your nice words!

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