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Shock and Awe

Last Monday, YoungerDaughter turned 21.

Oof.  Right to the gut.

It’s definitely been harder to wrap my head around this fact than it was when EldestDaughter hit that milestone.  Why? *shrug*  No clue.

Well, maybe 1 or 2 clues.

EldestDaughter turned 21 just 3 days before giving birth to the Toddler Tornado.  There wasn’t any drunken bar crawl fanfare done, since she was hugely preggers on her actual birthday, & couldn’t drink for a long time afterward, due to nursing an infant & recovering from labor.  So, turning 21 for her was both happy & sad.  She got the best birthday present ever, but couldn’t hoist a frosty one in celebration.  Oh well…

YoungerDaughter,  on the other hand, has always been called “The Innocent One” by her friends & family alike.  She maintains a child – like wonder & awe that stuns people when they realize she has actually held on to her innocence, and prefers it that way, stubbornly.  She is very mature for her age, intellectually & logically, but she still states that she’d “rather be 6”.  She totally still enjoys her beloved things from her childhood, like tiaras, Pooh Bear anything & a passionate obsession with Sailor Moon.

I’ve been in awe of her for years, living in the times we do, she has solidly refused to become jaded.  She, somehow, has become a mature innocent.

A contradiction, that child… no, I have to say it.


So it’s difficult,  with all these contradictions, to reconcile her complete autonomy from me.

It’s definitely a shock to realize that I only have a handful of years left before I won’t have any actual children left in my brood.

They’ll all be grownups in a heartbeat.



Happy Birthday, Toodles. May your heart be ever-young.

3 thoughts on “Shock and Awe

  1. I have three little sisters, the younger two being 8 and 2 years old (almost 3!) I’ll be in my 30s when they graduate high school… Surreal. I can only imagine what it will feel like when my not-yet-existent children hit that same milestone!

    • Ah, to be in my 20s again… well…wait. Nah. *rueful grin* My 20s were fun, but I’m good with only living them once! Have fun with the next 10-12 years of your life! Take the risks, be daring & cautiously reckless. (Sounds like an oxymoron…but I mean it!)

      Take big bites out of life, so when you get to 45 like I am now, you can flop down in your chair, a little sweaty & laughing, and say “yup, once was good, thanks!”

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