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Filling My Time

I’ve been posting here quite a bit, recently…at least in comparison to recent months.

But, that’s not all I’ve been working on.

I adopted a ferret.  Name? Vin Wiesel.


Very cute, and eminently sweet, he fits right into the madhouse.

I’ve also been working madly on making Xmas/Yule gifts for friends & family.  I’m still working on some, but here’s a few of the things I’ve got.


Something for my mom, whose birthday is Xmas Eve. This bugger took ForEver.


Bubble bag

A “bubble bag”, meant for holding soap, & being a crocheted loofah…


The flipside colors of another bubble bag.


A jewelry plaque. There are small hooks coming out of the flowers to hold necklaces, bracelets,  rings…


Unfinished Xmas ornament. It’ll be a cowboy hat with a name & year on it when I’m done.


2 more unfinished ornaments. The one on the right will, of course, be a “Sheriff’s badge”, complete with year & name.


And the latest… a cowboy boot that will also get painted, a name & year.

I have a couple more things to make before our family’s early Xmas this year. (Another story for another day)

Oh, plus I have 2 more ceremonies coming up this month, yet. 1 wedding, & 1 commitment ceremony. (The commitment ceremony is for a couple that can’t get legally married due to certain financial reasons – a pension & an ex are involved, so it’s not really a choice for them, but they want to celebrate their commitment anyway.)

Along with doctor’s appointments, wherein I get shuffled, stabbed & stared at intensely…but no definitive answers yet…

But that’s how I’ve been filling my time.
Staying busy, & keeping my nose to the wheel.


2 thoughts on “Filling My Time

    • Thanks! Crafting is like a meditation for me, & I like to mix it up between wire sculpture, clay, painting, crochet, etc.

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