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Tough Mama

Sometimes, I’m the Tough Mama.
I demand help with chores,  I make children pick up after themselves, I chew them out when they break a rule.

But, sometimes…

It’s just tough being the mama.

My kids are growing up.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve started feeling the empty nest syndrome.  I know, it’s a natural process, this is what kids do, they grow up, grow away, move away, move on.

But you know something?

It fucking hurts.

It hurts, when your kids would rather have dinner with a boyfriend, than go out to dinner with her mom. (Who, by the way, almost never goes out to eat, simply because she’s tired, or doesn’t feel like getting sick being around onions & cucumbers)

It hurts when your child spends every weekend with their other parent, because being with mom is just boring. Mom doesn’t let you sleep till 2pm. Mom makes you pick up dirty clothes & wash them yourself. Mom is mean, she won’t cook chicken for you every night, because you refuse to eat anything else.

It hurts when your child never comes home, but instead spends almost every holiday with the other side of her family.   Even though you tell her you don’t want to be the mom who makes her feel guilty about not coming home… you kind of wish she would.

It hurts when your kids would rather be doing anything, be with anyone, other than you. 

You don’t get invited anywhere, you don’t get asked to “hang out”.

Because you’re Mom, and who wants to hang out with their mom?

I’m not Lorelai Gilmore.
I’m just the Tough Mom.



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