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Just No.

Until you’ve been there, until you’ve lived it, learned it, cried from it, raged over it, fought against it, and ultimately laughed in spite of it… you have no idea.

Don’t assume that you’re qualified to give advice to someone going through the fire, if you’ve never been in the flames.

Don’t pretend you understand the storm, when you’ve never stood in its eye, and been bowed by the force of the gale.

And save your anger for your own bad decisions, faults & failings.

The person standing in front of you has their own battle to wage, and you yelling at them to do it the way you think they should belittles only you.

You don’t get it. You never will. Until you stand in their shoes, live their life, and are faced with the exact same situations & consequences – you can shut the fuck right up.

3 thoughts on “Just No.

  1. God, yes, my friend. No truer words ever spoken. Where’s LD been? Dealing with clinical depression, suicide of BF, 4 spinal surgeries, loss of career, loss of Main Squeeze and now Percocet withdrawal, although only taken as directed…for a year. No one understands and I was constantly judged and it made me so furious, frustrated and hopeless. I do hear you and you word hell on earth very eloquently along with those that tell you to let it go and cheer up. Fuck you!!! I’ll tell you a a song/video that helped me so much a couple days ago. Although about a different subject initially, it is a voice for all who are victims themselves of things outside of their control. Please watch – http://youtu.be/lDkEAbOZvYM

    We are all butterflies…we will fly again when we are ready and not a second before. I adore you and am sending you a deeply understanding embrace.

    • LD, I am sorry you’ve had so much to go through in such a short time. I can only say that I admire the hell out if you – for not just enduring all of it, but for the way you are willing to bare yourself, to speak with the grace & eloquence you’ve always had. Along with your sense of humor, your strength of character has always inspired me.

      I may not be able to say “I know exactly what you’re going through”, but I do sympathize, and I am here, with a willing shoulder & a (HUG).

      You are now, and always have been one of the bright spots of the blogging world for me, whether you post or not. Hang on, my surviving warrior friend.

      • So are you, my friend. I hope your clouds part soon, but they’ll part when they part. Send anyone that says “chin up” my way! I adore you always.

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