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Fair warning: Graphic TMI on the medical stuff… if you don’t like that sort of reading, move along…

Ok, so I haven’t really gotten into the “bare bones” of my surgery.. why I had it, what happened, and the aftermath.

Here goes.

I’ve been having pains near my right hip bone for, what seems like, forever. Right after my period would stop, the pain would start, & would continue for about a week.  I figured it had to do with ovulation, or some such crap, so I didn’t pay any attention for a couple of years.

And then, this year, it changed. It started happening more & more often, at different times of my cycle, & it would get progressively worse during my period, until it was so painful I couldn’t stand it. 

So, I finally started going to the doctor.
At first, since I’ve had so many problems with my kidney over the years,  I thought it had something to do with that.  Fast forward through a bunch of pointless tests, and that was a “No”.

Instead, I found out that I had a cyst in my right ovary that wasn’t acting like a normal follicular cyst (being the kind that spits out an egg occasionally & disappears), but instead was staying, month after month, & generally aggravating me.  Oh, & I have a small cyst on my kidney, too, but the doc assures me that that’s no big deal… *sigh* (ok, so let’s just hope that’s true)

Anywhoo… by now I’d been dealing with this serious & debilitating pain for about 6 months, & had been taking pain meds (read- prescribed narcotics) for about 2 months just so I could continue to work & get through my day.  I was worn down, tired of feeling sick & hurting all the time, missing work due to the pain, & struggling just to stay sane through all the doctors who were basically telling me this was “No big deal, it couldn’t possibly hurt this much.”

FINALLY, I found an ob/gyn who listened, ran a couple tests,  & told me that I had justification for my pain. He said I was most likely suffering from- not just a cyst – but endometriosis & adenomyosis.

Now, for those who don’t know, Endometriosis is a condition which causes aberrant menstrual tissue to grow outside of the uterus, attaching itself to…pretty much anywhere it damned well pleases…but mostly on the reproductive organs, like ovaries, fallopian tubes, the outside of the uterus.

And Adenomyosis is a condition which causes aberrant menstrual tissue to grow inside the uterus, but attaching & growing into the uterine wall.

Both conditions can be very painful, & the best way to eliminate these (at least in my humble opinion) is to remove the organs affected.

In other words, a hysterectomy.

So, *clapping hands & rubbing them briskly together* this is what my doctor & I planned for me.

(To be continued, as this post is already too damned long.)


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