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Deep in the Heart of Night

Nope, still not sleeping well.

Good intentions, physical labor, mental jumping jacks… none of it seems to be helping me get a decent night’s sleep.


I’m up, might as well write something.

So, a couple of days ago, someone commented on an ollllld post I wrote a few years ago about Dr. Bohdan Hordinsky.

And my stats blew up – again.

I’ve had this happen a few times, now, over the years since I originally wrote it.  It was (still is) a good post. 

I just find it kind of funny how 1 or 2 people will comment on it, but all of a sudden, I’ve got 500+ hits on it in 1 day. 

Now, I’m pretty sure that most of those hits are “bots”… but if they truly are real, live people all clamoring to read my words… well, I’m pretty sure they’re mostly bots. It just doesn’t make sense, otherwise.

Not that Doc H. wasn’t cool. He was. It’s just that my old hometown is fairly small.

And by “fairly small”, I mean miniscule.

As in approximately 300 people small.

Yeah, Doc came from the Ukraine.
Yeah, he knew a lot of people, and affected a lot of people throughout his years, both here and abroad.

But I can’t imagine, after all these years, that there are still that many people googling his name on a daily basis. 

Whatever, I’m cool with it.

But it really screws up my other daily stats, & makes it hard to truly see how many real, live people visit the hearth here.

Ah well, it’ll all die down again in a couple days, & I’ll be back to my small, but true, number of visits.



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