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And There Goes Another One

It was my birthday today.
Woo. (Cue laugh track & confetti cannon)

Actually, it was a decent birthday, quiet by most people’s standards, I’m sure, but that’s ok with me. I don’t like a lot of noisy attention over birthdays.

Ha, remembering back to my kids’ birthdays, and how they would fuss & hide, & just, plain, get pissed when the birthday song would get sung to them, hating having everyone staring at them as they were told to “Make a wish!”

I know where they get that stage fright/performance anxiety from.

OnlySon came home last night from his dad’s to help me with yardwork, since I’m not allowed to run the mower or do any heavy lifting yet.  We didn’t get much except some digging & planting done today, but that meant we had time to go grab supper & just hang out together.  We don’t get to do that much during the summer, since he spends most of it at his dad’s,  so it made for a nice change.

Both my daughters & my parents got ahold of me today to chat on the phone & give birthday wishes, plus my nephew  (who I talk to almost every day – one of my best friends,  even though he moved to Georgia last November). Other family members & friends also chimed in through text or social media,  so I spent a good portion of my day responding & chatting with them.

And now, I’m just relaxing, going to work on a new wire tree idea, & read some before attempting to sleep.

Not a bad way to turn 46.



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