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Thick enough to cut

The tension in my house is thick these last couple days.
Molasses in January.
Fog in London.
Mud at the bottom of the Mississippi.

For the last 2 days, it’s been thick enough, solid enough, to walk on…if you don’t mind walking on broken glass & nails.

Family drama, serious and awful, coupled with some personal drama requiring a tough choice, have changed the vibe of my home into one of tense, anxious, waiting dread and anger.

And there’s nothing I can do to change it at this very moment.

Except hope.
For a ray of sunshine,  or an unexpected laugh, even a weak smile at this point would help.

And I can’t explain most of it.
It’s locked away under “Family Stuff”.

So, for now, I’m holding on…hands clenched around the rope, swinging like mad for the nearest ledge.

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