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Dangit, I forgot the Title


My lilies are blooming, finally, in my flower garden!

Proof that I actually do have patience lurking somewhere inside my skin.

This variety is called “Forever Susan”, & I bought the bulbs online last fall, planted them after the first good frost, & waited until this week to see them!

Patience is not my strong suit, so I think it was pretty damned impressive that I got these to grow & bloom without losing my mind & either over-planting something else on top of these, or ripping them out when they didn’t come up after the last snow of the year melted away. 

My pumpkins are still growing, as well.  All the seeds I put down have sprouted, & the leaves are getting bigger.  No pumpkins yet, of course, as it’s still too early for that, but I’m hopeful.

And, I’m working on sculpting, again.  I’ll post pics when I’m done, but I’m making miniatures for trees to go in my shop.  Time to put some new stuff up, & hopefully generate some more interest.

Otherwise, life goes on.
Drama still exists.
And I’m still here, alone, but hanging on.

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