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Yesterday was a busy day, between cleaning, gardening & artwork.

But here’s what I finished…

I sculpted these pumpkins, some even have green leaves & squirrelly stem pieces. This was prior to baking.

This pic is a little blurry, but it shows how I work on my sculpting. Tinfoil keeps the sculpey from sticking to my wooden TV tray. The black lump is sculpey I was working with at the time.

Here are all the finished pieces. 2 witch’s hats, 2 black cats, a handful of punkins, & even a bat on a wire.  It’s the first time I’ve tried making a bat out of sculpey, & let me say, it wasn’t easy. Such tiny fiddly details…

Anyway, that’s the extent of my accomplishments yesterday.  These sculptures took me approximately 3 hours, all told. And they baked up in 10 minutes.  

Now, I just have to sand them down, to take off any rough edges, paint the final details (face markings on the punkins, eyes on the cats), & varnish them all to protect.

I also in worked on a couple of smaller trees that I’m making for gifts, but neither one is finished, so, no pictures yet.

But it does feel good to get back into my artwork. 

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