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Josie’s Luck

​Josie couldn’t believe her luck.

First, there’d been the taxi. You just didn’t find an open taxi on a Friday afternoon, in the middle of the city, with an actual working air conditioner. And they were most definitely not willing to take you to the center of the worst part of town, for less than $50.00. The driver had even offered to wait for her outside, while she ran in to pick up her next assignment.

And he’d been there when she came back out.

Stunned, Josie slipped into the back seat and asked the driver to take her back downtown, to the small park where he’d picked her up. She had to meet up with a new client there, to get an idea of what they needed, and she wanted to keep it in a public place, outside, until she knew that there was no danger of things exploding.

Because there’d been exploding things on the last assignment, and she was so not doing that again.

And on the way back into the city, Josie was shocked again by the seemingly overflowing fount of luck that was streaming her way. Just as they crossed over the Narrows Bridge, back into the heart of the city, there was a cacophony of noise behind them. A semi-truck jackknifed on the bridge, snarling traffic, dozens of cars piled up in a jumble. Josie, however, was already past that point, so they were able to move right along, escaping the jam of cars now knotted together behind her.

Two weeks ago, she’d have been under that traffic jam, or possibly the cause of it. Today, she’d squeaked past just seconds before it hit. What was going on?

Shaking her head ruefully, Josie turned to her driver.

“You know, I’ve always had bad luck, the worst, as a matter of fact. But lately… I don’t know, something’s going on – and I can’t seem to figure it out. I feel… so lucky!”

Green eyes stared back at her from the rear-view mirror, blinking and twinkling in the silver glass. “Aye, lassie, that ye are. And ye’re to stay tha’ way fer a while longer. ‘Cause I’ma stickin’ wit’ ye all day, and ye’ve no say innit.”

His shock of red hair danced merrily in the light as he turned his eyes back to the view before them.

And the bomb planted under the park bench ahead of them went off prematurely, a big, smoking hole in the ground waiting for Josie to get there.

Some girls had all the luck.

-Dec. 26, 2013


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