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Moving and Sitting Still

So, I’ve shifted 8 stories so far from my other blog to here, and the response, so far, has been totally positive.  I am gratified and grateful for the positive feedback, thank you!

All of these stories are old ones, that I wrote 2 or 3 years ago… Which means I haven’t written much fiction for a while.

It’s just been on the back burner.

The consensus, though, tells me I should probably dust off the chops, and see what I can do, IF I can still do.

And while moving these stories has been interesting (I’ve re-read most of them as I’ve moved them and actually still liked them), I have to admit, I’m more than a little rusty.

It also means, that I haven’t been posting original stuff.

I have to admit, I’ve been having a rough couple of days. Between anxiety, depression & stress…I’ve mostly just been sitting here, in my chair. My evenings consist of reading a little, shifting from one position to another, going outside to smoke, and occasionally talking on the phone to my nephew, or even less often, a friend or family member.

I’ve been turtling up. 

Don’t leave the house.

If you’re in the yard, water the flowerbeds while you’re reading, so the neighbors don’t talk to you as they walk past.

Offer to get off the phone as soon as possible, so as not to bother the person on the other end.

Don’t turn the lights on.

Or the TV.

Or the radio.

When it gets dark, let it just be dark.

Shower early, so you have an excuse not to go anywhere. (No makeup, no bra, no travel)


Maybe I should write a how-to book for the anxious, stressed & depressed.

“What To Do When You Can’t Chew Your Fingernails” or “When Being You Is Too Much And Not Enough – The Anxious Person’s Guide To Life And Chaos”.

Well… Tomorrow is Friday, and another day of flash fiction reruns.

Guess I’d better get up for it.

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