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On The Block

Something I discovered a few days ago…

Someone I considered a friend, at least, a friendly acquaintance, blocked me from her social media.

Why, you ask? 

Well, as to the actual reason, I couldn’t say, since she didn’t bother to drop me a note stating her reasoning.

But, I have my speculation.

This lady is someone I met through blogging, years ago.  She wrote a funny, sharp, & thoughtful blog , that I enjoyed thoroughly.  Always sarcastic, but never what I’d call “mean”, she’d talk about her past, her present, her job, boyfriend, vacations, pets, celebrity crushes, whatever struck her fancy.  And I’d laugh at every one because of her sharp & witty sense of humor.

She was also a former member of the military, with strong pro feelings about guns. (I’ve never had a problem with responsible gun ownership, & she’s definitely of that sort, so no worries right?)

Well, fast forward a couple 3 years or more, & she happened to post something about guns.. Something to do with the current stories of the government wanting to get rid of private persons owning semi-automatics. Nothing that would nornally ring my bell, but I read it, and noticed that there were an awful lot if commenters mocking people who were non-gun owners, nonmilitary, etc. 

So, I commented.  I stated that I had great respect for responsible gun owners, that I had nothing but love for our military, and that I, personally, was NOT a gun owner, of my own free will.  

Also, that I would never mock others who chose to think differently than I did, simply because of those beliefs. 

A few days later?


My “friend” was no longer.


Guess that’ll teach me to be tolerant of people with ideas different than my own, won’t it?

Yeah, she has the right to have whatever people she wants on her social media, and I’ve purged mine from time to time as well.

But it would have been interesting to know her true reasoning behind putting my head on the block.

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