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Snark Attack

​When your day has gone downhill

And you know you’ve had your fill
You just can’t take the shame
But they give you all the blame

When the fit hits the shan
And the odor fills the air,
Call me up, my dear friend
I’ll be right there.

Murphy always knows
Just how to make your day
He’ll promise you some joy
Then rip it all away

He’ll drop your drink
Put hair in your food
Split grocery bags
And ruin your mood.

So when you’re a’tweeting
Or blogging a post
Facebooking too
Please be a good host

Invite me to see
How you handle the gaffe
I promise to be there
I could use a good laugh!

Cause Murphy is well travelled,
He’s been all over town
And I know that you’ve met him
At some point, he’s knocked you down

So if you need a giggle,
I’ve got one that’ll suit just fine
You show me yours
And I’ll show you mine!


 -Jan. 15, 2014

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