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Born of Pain

​Is all art born of pain?

Jagged emotions, pulling the creator from the soul

To paint out the sorrow, the anger,

To sing to the world of the difficult times

The darker thoughts

The fear

In my mind, I know that I write more when I’m emotionally overset.

I pour out more, like thick syrup over bitterness

Maybe trying to temper it, to lessen it

By sharing, by giving it to the world

In the only manner I know how

In prose

In poetry

In fantasy

Does all art come from pain?

Or is it simply the product of too much emotion, whatever the flavor?

For me, the finest things I have written… all have that bitter tang of suffering, of sorrow, of fear or anger.

My most prolific times have been those of sorrow, of pent-up emotion, searching for an outlet.

And there it is…

In the words.

Born of pain

-Feb.5, 2014


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