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Easy Out

I’m not always the easiest person to be in a relationship with.

I know this.

I can get moody, I’ve been known, in the past, to be passive aggressive, and I can take things very personally.  I get my feelings hurt, sometimes, pretty easily.

But I’m human.

And I’ve been hurt enough in the past, that I have a tendency to back away, throw up my strongest defenses, & huddle behind the walls. 

And, there is something else I do.

I give the Easy Out.

There comes a moment, where I teeter on the brink of saying, or doing, something that would “tip my hand”, so to speak, that would let the guy know how I truly feel… So, I hand him a “get out of jail free” card. 

Tell him it’s “no big deal”.

“Forget what I said, it doesn’t matter”.

“It’s easier that way”.

“Don’t worry, it’s all good, I’m fine.”

And – Every. Single. Time. They all take it.

Save one…And he can’t seem to make it to North Dakota, for whatever reason. (The latest reason is business) 

*snort* that one says he wants to marry me… Be a family & have “Happily Ever After”…but if he never has to keep his promises, & never makes it here, he doesn’t have to worry about the biggest promise, so no worries, there, right?

Just once, I wish there would be someone who would follow me behind the walls, not let me huddle, & sit there with me, telling me they won’t listen to my bullshit, & they WANT to be there.

But, they all take the Easy Out.



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