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Never give up.  Hold on. No matter the struggle, no matter how many times you get knocked down…you must get up again.

My blog here holds a lot of information about my life. I write about my family, my crafts, my friends, pets, blah, blah, blah.

But, I also write quite a bit about feelings. This blog is my journal, my place to work through the struggles I have, with anxiety, with depression, with relationships & loneliness.  

I use this space, to help me work things out, in my head. I don’t trust therapy, for myself, having been burned by it in the past. And I’ve found that, writing things down, expressing them through my words, brings me clarity.  Having others read my words, and sometimes getting comments, gives me strength…because I know that I’m not alone.

Reading other’s blogs shows me that as well.  People I will probably never meet face to face, tell me about their lives, their troubles and triumphs, and it reinforces that sense of community for me.  After having done this for so many years now, I have even made some good friends, one, at least, that I did get to meet in person.  And it makes me feel good that I can share that feeling of “not alone” with these others.

Some days, I’m on top of the world, able to do anything, achieve every one if my goals, and triumph over any adversity.  

Other days, I’m ahead of the game if I’m showered and dressed.


I come from a long line of women who simply – Don’t. Give. Up.

Call it stubbornness.

Call it persistence.

Call it resilience.

Call it strength.


It doesn’t matter what word you use.  Because, it’s just words.  

What matters….is that I get back up.

Maybe it takes a while.

Maybe I fall down, and stay down, for a while.  I might cry, rage, be anxious, depressed, angry, numb.  Maybe it feels as though life will never be the same. Well, it never is, after.

But I always, always get back up.


5 thoughts on “Permaneo

    • Thank you. I have a difficult time with accepting compliments (old habits die hard), but your words are definitely appreciated.

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