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What do you write when there’s nothing to say?

When you’ve tried to come up with something, anything, and just end up sounding stupid or psycho.

Nothing extraordinary happened to me today, other than possibly losing a friend. Sad, yes, but not extraordinary. Why? Because communication skills seem to be faulty on both ends. Not much I can do about it at this point, because anything I say now will end up sounding like I’m some kind of clinger or psycho.  So, I am silent.

Had a teenager invade my yard yesterday, freaked me out until I realized he was trying to catch a freaking Pokemon under my bedroom window.

*shaking my head*

Different…weird, even, but not extraordinary.

So, here I sit, in all my ordinariness, silence around me, and a million voices in my head warring whether to text, or not to text.


2 thoughts on “Blank

  1. My counselor told me something, when a friend and I ran into a rough patch a while ago. Sometimes we feel an immediacy to resolve issues, but it is also okay to let them… well… breathe.

    Maybe you can give the other person some space, but also reach out to them and say, “If you want to talk about this more, let me know, but I’m going to think about things for a few days.” Or something along those lines.

    Emotions make rough communication spots even trickier than usual. Hang in there!

    • Thanks. I’ve been sitting here, itching to text or call, and I know it needs time, but I’m not a patient person when I have a broken relationship. I’m all “hammer and superglue”…which usually ends up with busted fingers glued to my shirt.

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