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I was talking to a close friend today, and she basically told me that my expectations for men are really high.  

It’s true.  I admit it.

I’m an honest person, so I expect people to be honest with me. If I care about you, I’ll tell you and show you by how I treat you. If you care about me, tell me. Show me by treating me with respect.

I’m fairly transparent when it comes to how I feel about someone, because I don’t play the games, & won’t lie.

Don’t lie, for Gods’ sake, don’t lie to me, because I’ll never trust you again when I find out the truth.

If there’s no reciprocal feelings?

Just fucking tell me.

Enough with the flirting.

I’m a grownup, and I can handle a “Nope, sorry.” It’s being ignored, and you hoping that I’ll just go away that pisses me off. It damned well hurts, being treated as though my feelings are disposable, or worse, recyclable, to be saved for later when you’re bored.

And don’t lay off your bad behavior at my feet when I get pissed. If you’ve been an asshat, & I call you on it, tell you off? It’s not me being psycho. It’s justifiable anger at you for treating me as though I were mud on your shoe – easy to scrape off & ignore.

I expect common courtesy, respect, honesty, and trust. A little dignity.

Are my expectations too high?

Maybe for some. 

But then again, I have high expectations for myself as well.

Don’t lie, don’t disrespect someone else, trust (and that’s a big one), and treat the other person with dignity. 

Basically, treat others how you want to be treated.

Is that too much to ask?


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