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Lovely Bloggers

Guess what?

VP over at Viper Pit Memoirs gave me an award! Wow! Thank you so much, it truly does mean a lot to me. Dear readers, if you’ve ever struggled with family, head over to the Viper Pit Memoirs. She writes about her own survival, & the difficulties of dealing with genetically-related bipeds who can’t seem to human.

I’ve received awards before, but it’s been a looong time, and I’d actually kind of forgotten I’d posted them on the side of the front page, because most of the blogging comes to you live from my phone, while I’m sitting in my easy chair, or on my front porch.

So, Ok, there are some rules, of course, to receiving awards, and here they are for this one:

Umm, facts… Oy vey… After blogging for over 6 years now, and quite in-depth, sometimes, I’m going to have to really dig for these!

1. I recently (within the last year) discovered that I love Bollywood movies. The music, the singing & dancing, a lot of up-beat stories, even if they have drama & sadness, they find a way to inject humor into almost everything. And, I’m slightly obsessed with Hrithik Roshan now… After all, who wouldn’t be? Look…

C’mon… Admit it. You just picked your jaw up and wiped the drool off. (Wanna see more? Check out “Bang Bang!” On Netflix. Just do it. It’s worth the subtitles. The man can dance -ohmahgawd can he dance.

2. I’ve been thinking about writing a book of flash fiction/short stories. Nothing super ambitious, mind you, because I know how flooded the market is with all the digital printing. I kind of just want to see if I could pull it off & actually finish the project. I’m good at starts, not so much at ends.

3. I like baking, but I don’t really like cooking all that much. I’d rather slap together an easy meal, & save my time in the kitchen for all the sweet stuff.  Not that I need it…danggit. Texas chocolate cake, soft Nestle’ Tollhouse cookies (the secret’s in how much flour!), snickerdoodles, pumpkin pie, chocolate pudding cake, these are my specialties, but I can bake just about anything.

4. I really miss having horses & being able to ride whenever I want. I grew up with them, & some of my favorite memories are with horses. 

I was really good at gaining the trust of horses who didn’t like anyone. I miss it. A lot.

5. I speed read books. No, really. I actually took a test, and I can read at 1,500/wpm and retain meaning. That’s a lot of words. Plus side? It really helps me at my job, which requires fast reading & typing. Drawbacks? Books don’t last me very long on the first read. Every book I own, I’ve read at least 3 times…some as many as a dozen times or more. There’s only 1 book I own that I haven’t read cover to cover, & that’s the one I had a photograph published in.

The book

The photograph.

(It’s a college-level architecture book, and I’m just not that into architecture)

6. I get “word vomit” when I get nervous. Which gets me into embarrassing situations. I really need to carry a roll of duct tape in my purse for these moments, & just slap some on when I feel it coming on. Seriously.
So many times.

7. My Etsy shop might not have a lot of sales under its belt, but it doesn’t matter to me. I make my crafts because they bring me happiness. And I focus totally on them while I’m doing it. It shuts my million-miles-a-minute, anxiety-ridden brain down for a little while, and the peace is totally worth the sticky hands & paint permanently stuck to my t-shirts.

Now, for the nominees…*drum roll*

(In no particular order)

The Other Side of Counting to Ten, make sure to read all the “Shoe” posts! I guarantee, they’re not what you’d think at first glance!

life vivified a relative newcomer to the blogging world, but heartfelt & funny.

*Sparrow’s Ramblings – a personal friend in real life, a great woman with scads of sarcastic & witty humor.

*la vie en rose – never afraid to tell the truth as she sees it, will smack you up side the head with sensibility

*Depression is the Enemy – working issues with positive energy, and helpful information about thriving while living with mental illnesses.

*How Many Masks – A survivor who understands about the safety of emotional masks, & how we can be healthier by taking them off sometimes.

There are so many more blogs I love visiting, but many I also know don’t “do awards”, or would prefer to not receive them for their own reasons. However, if you glance at the right side of my blog’s page from a laptop, you’ll see my blog roll there – a good list of some of the places I enjoy lurking. Check them out!

*caveat* this post took me quite a bit of  time to write… I never realized how long it takes to gather all the necessary links by using your phone to play hopscotch all over the internet! 

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!


2 thoughts on “Lovely Bloggers

    • Well, sarcastic might be a stretch sometimes, but you do have a definite leaning towards snark, & a fine appreciation for the absurd!

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