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A Work in Progress

I’ve been a work in progress since the day I was born, always reaching, striving, seeking. Sometimes I reach my goals, sometimes I have to reset the bar, due to (A) having unrealistic goals to start with; and (B) outside factors that affect my ability to get there.

One of my goals since my divorce has been to lose weight.  It’s been an ongoing struggle.  I was miserable during the last few years of my marriage, & my body showed it. But I’m working on that.

Now, this next part…isn’t so easy to post.  It makes me feel very vulnerable. But…that’s what this blog is for – to share the parts of my life that I’m not always comfortable sharing…so, here goes.

This was me in 2009. The pink lashes went along with the pink shirt for something we were doing at work regarding breast cancer awareness.  The pink just makes the picture one I like even less, as I’m so not a pink person.

Ugh. I hate that picture of me, but I keep it to remind & motivate me to never let myself get that unhealthy again. Physically or emotionally.

And… Here I am today.

I’d cut the head right off the picture if I could, bad hair…

But there’s progress. 

And that’s the important part. 


3 thoughts on “A Work in Progress

  1. WHY! can’t we look at ourselves the way others see us? I have been writing vows for the Big day Saturday and the one thing I love the most that I wrote is: If you can promise me anything, promise me that when you are sad or unsure or you loose your faith in you, that you will see yourself through my eyes.
    I wish you could do the same, that I could do the same. Think about it. If we could see ourselves the way the ones we love see us, we would know we are beautiful inside and out. Love yourself first. That healing, will help you move towards the rest.

    • Thank you. It is difficult sometimes to see myself objectively, & I know my lived ones see me in a much more positive light. I’ll work on that. 🙂

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