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Love is…

Love is not the bonfire, blazing wildly, beckoning you to dance ’round it, colors constantly changing & flaring, entrancing you with it’s fiery passion to consume…

Love is the candle, sitting quietly in the window, lighting the way home when you are lost in the storm; illuminating your way when all is dark, flickering occasionally, but continuing to burn anyway.

Love is not the snitched chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven, when it’s supposed to be saved for after dinner, forbidden and hidden, sweeter because of the risk of being caught.

Love is water, sustaining you when there’s no other nourishment; falling from the sky like a gift from the Gods; making everything grow, flower & fruit.

Love is not jumping out of a plane, daring to risk life & limb for the rush of adrenaline; making your eyes water as the air whistles in your ears & the ground rushes up to meet you, exhilarating though it may be, you might lose everything, including your life.

Love is falling into your lover’s arms, knowing that they’re going to be there to catch you, to hold you up when you cannot stand on your own; that they will walk beside you when you are ready to move forward; and that you will feel safe encircled within them, no matter what chaos surrounds you; and that they will raise in excitement to cheer you on when success is within reach.

Love is not the first flush of passion, the thrill of the chase, or the nervous excitement of that first, smiling glance.

Love is being there, working together, compromising in disagreements, sharing joy, laughter, tears, sorrow, drama, comedy, & contentment.

It is the quiet look from across the room that says “I see you, within and without, all the way to your soul, and I want to share my life with you.”

It is the pride in your lover’s eyes when your dreams reach fruition, knowing that they were there to support, encourage & help you reach your goals.

It is a steady hand when you stumble, helping you to stand again.

And the firm “no” when you make mistakes.

It is wanting you to be happy, even if that happy moment doesn’t include them.

And it is letting you do and be all of that for them, as well.

That’s what love is.

I have my standards, and I will not settle for less.


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