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To the Ones Who Left…

To you who walked away,

I’m writing this letter, because I am someone who doesn’t like to leave things unfinished. I’m writing this for closure. I’m writing this for me, because you weren’t there to see the end of it all.

Because you walked away without fully knowing what it was you could have had.

You will never know, now, what could have been.  How blind you made yourself as you left…

You could’ve had a woman who would walk to the ends of the earth for you, who would’ve fought for you, stood up for you, stood with you through every good and bad thing in life. A woman who would help you shoulder your burdens, as well as rejoicing in your happiness.

You could’ve had a woman who would take care of you when you were down, or sick, or just in need of a sympathetic ear; and who would also challenge you to exceed even your own goals, confident in your ability to reach them.

A woman who would’ve loved fiercely and gently, at the same time, who would argue with you when you were wrong, and apologize when wrong herself. 

A woman who would laugh with you, and not at your expense, and would cry with you, and for you when you couldn’t cry for yourself. 

A woman whole unto her own self, who doesn’t rely on anyone else to define her, but wanted to share that self with you. 

You walked away from a soul so bright, and deep, & full of love for so many- friends, family, and more, and you didn’t see the flickering of that glow, dimming briefly in the sadness she felt, the wavering of resolve to always believe in love’s power to heal.

You left, and you didn’t see the recovery, the resilience, or the strengthening that took place afterwards. 

And for that, I feel sad for you.

Because now, you’ll never see the brilliance of that glow again. 

When it could have been yours.

2 thoughts on “To the Ones Who Left…

  1. Your self empowerment lights you up! I have a picture of you in my mind’s eye, righteously radiant and standing tall. Rock on!!

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