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Stringless Theory

Much like chaos theory, love has many twists & turns, & is usually surprising…with a side of “Holy Crap!”  People will continually act in unexpected ways, things will get broken, things will get better, and sometimes – they fall apart completely.

But, at least with me, the theory of love is stringless.

No obligations implied or attached.

Love, to me, is pure & freely given. It expects nothing. It comes in many shapes & sizes; & once given, can only be rescinded through seriously hurtful actions on the part of the receiver.

When I love, whether it be for a child, a pet, a friend, family member, or lover, I give my love without reservation. I seem to be unable to “hold back”, as some would put it. 

I don’t see this as a failing, just a difference of modus operandi.

Yes, sometimes it means I get hurt. Yes, sometimes severely so. 

But, it also is the only way I know how to love.

I expect nothing from the recipient. You don’t have to love me back. You don’t even have to respond when I say the words.

That’s not why I say them.  

I say the words, because, again, that’s who I am. I want you to know that you mean something to me, that I value you in my life, & that I am willing to be that open, honest & vulnerable with you. It shows a fair amount of trust, because it opens me up to ridicule (not that that’s ever been a response, but still).

If I say “I love you”, it means that I see you, I have a place for you in my heart, & you are free to come & go.

It is not the same as saying “I’m in love with you.” There’s a fine line between the 2 phrases, but it is distinct & measurable.

And no, I don’t say the words lightly. I know exactly the weight they carry, & that they need to mean something.

So, if I’ve said these words to you, you can bet that I mean every syllable.

And you are free to respond, or not, as you wish.

Because real LOVE means wanting the other person’s happiness…even if it means you’re not a part of it.


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