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Taking Me Back

I’ve been spending a lot of time alone, lately. Not necessarily by choice, but because of circumstances beyond my control, the other people I usually associate with have all been preoccupied, absent, or geographically inconvenient.

Geographically inconvenient.  I like the phrase, hate the meaning.

Anyway, I’ve been working on filling my “me time” with things that need to get done, or that I enjoy but haven’t been able to do for a while. 

Take my house, for example.

I’ve been wanting to work on a few reno projects for a while, & after my dad put in my new front door, I decided to get started. I’m tired of waiting for anyone else to help me, or motivate me. No one’s going to jump forward & say “Hey, let’s do this!” 

So, I’ve begun painting my walls. Yeah, it’s going to be a slow process, which I’ll work on during the weekends, & when I have time, money & motivation to get it done. I want to see it finished before Onlyson graduates in the spring, so I’ve got some time.

It started like this…

After I ripped down some hideous ’70s paneling, I was left with a few dings in the plaster & a bunch of liquid nail crap that had to be sanded down.

Repairs took a few days, but I got to this…

An electric sander & a big bucket of plaster patch helped smooth out the dings & bumps.

And last weekend, I did this…

Aaahhh, so much better! A nice dove gray, I’m going to do almost the whole inside of my house in this color. Clean, crisp & fresh!  After 16 years of beige, it’s about time.

And then, there’s this…

After  a 25-yr. hiatus, I’m taking a horseback riding class! No, I don’t really need “teaching”, but I do need to remind my body what to do when on a large quadruped. I’m sore in places I’d forgotten I owned, & was reminded sharply just how out of shape I am.

This is the 2nd horse I rode that night. The first one dumped me off sideways when she decided to back into another horse because she was tired of hauling humans around. The other horse took exception to my horse’s butt in her face, & nipped her, causing my mount to shie sideways…which I wasn’t expecting. Landed on left hip & shoulder, & had the wind knocked out for a minute, but I got back up, dusted off & switched horses.

The best remedy when dumped off the horse is to immediately get back in the saddle. 

And the 2nd horse was a dream to ride. Responsive, quick to listen to what I wanted & eager to go, we actually cantered around the arena for a bit, which was what I’d been wanting to do all night. 

Yeah, after the night was over, I was reminded just how old I’ve let myself become. But that’s changing, now that I’ve been back in the saddle.

I’m determined that I’m not going to let my out-of-shape body defeat me. I’m going to get back to strength, so I can do the things I really love without suffering for days on end afterwards.

Fuck being old.

I’m taking ME back.


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