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7:30 at the Post Office

Yeah, I was there, dropping a package in the Priority drop box. 

Yeah, I saw you there, filling out some form.

Nope, I didn’t say anything. Just took care of my mail, turned around, & walked back out.

After all, what was there to say?

After the last non-conversation we almost had, didn’t seem any point in verbalizing.

After all, you’d have just accused me of being a “hysterical female”, anyway.

Besides, I had somewhere to be, & no reason to hang around and chat with someone who can’t be bothered to keep their word.

But I still find it ironic, after all this time, that what were the odds, in a town the size of the one we live in, at that odd hour of the evening, that we would be the only 2 people in the post office – literally, that I would run into you there.


Imagine that.

Nope. Still no point in talking.

After all, you and me? We’re just strangers who happen to have some memories in common, now.

Sad it had to turn out that way.

Boy, did you miss out.

I just keep reminding myself:


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