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I spent today in silence.

Not completely, really, as I did talk a couple of times to my cats…but that was it.

No TV.

No radio.

No human contact.

And it was Ok. Better than Ok, it was good.

There are times when as an introvert, I feel as though I need complete solitude, just to recharge. Maybe it was an overwhelming week, or I wasn’t feeling well, or…maybe it was just one of those times when everything had built up so far, that I needed to crash & recuperate.

Yes, to all of those.

I volunteered a couple of days ago to take part in a company thing, helping with our booth at the yearly “Showcase of Businesses”, where many local businesses have what amounts to a giant PR party, always with a theme, and always busy.

I was only there for an hour & a half, but it felt like 3, between the forced (on my part) gaiety, & the pressing crowds, it blew my emotions out fairly quickly, & left me feeling like a wrung-out rag. I don’t do crowds very well, especially after a full day at work, when I’m already tired. My emotional reserves were not just spent, they were bottomed out & scraped raw.

So, I slept in today. 

Spent the day in my jammies.

Read books, and just vegged out in my chair.

Am I recharged?

Not completely.

But better than that I was.

Solitude can be very healing.

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