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Third Wheel Contemplation

I’m sitting in the backseat of the company car, on my way to an early-morning conference, with a coworker & her husband in the front, & feeling rather like the kid on a family trip, or the proverbial awkward third wheel on a friend’s date. 

I’m not a morning person, not do I like country music, and I’ve got both going on right now…

So, I’m wearing my ear buds, listening to my own music, and have been contemplating the inside of my eyelids for a good portion of this 2- hour drive.

What is it about Pink’s song “Where We Go” that puts me in such a meditative and thoughtful mood?

I think it’s the hook…

“So, here we go

Take my body not my soul

Take me high and left me low

I honestly never imagined we’d get this far… Oooohhh…

There’s a road that takes me home,

Take me fast, or take me slow,

Throw my head out the window

Feel the wind…make me whole,

Write my name up in the sky,

Let me contemplate goodbye

I don’t know, we don’t know

Where we go…”

It just- really strikes me – this song is so sweet and the beat is so bouncy and light and happy…and yet…

The lyrics are about dying.

This is so… I don’t know how to express it right now, because I’m not completely awake to it right now, but it strikes me right between the eyes every time I listen to it.

I love the whole damn Beautiful Trauma album by P!nk.

Fucking phenomenal. Phunny. Phantastic. Philosophical and psychotic.

And totally Pink.


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