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Sorrow and Joy

It is true…

There are so many stories of sorrow in the news, these days.

Stories of children trapped in caves, along with their coach, far from where I live, but no less heard and concerned over..

Stories of tornadoes, ripping through local communities, taking lives, and tearing apart what has taken years to build up for so many…

Stories of people, leaving poor, defenseless babies out in the weeds – one, lucky enough to be saved, far from here…another, local, not so lucky, who died, and the parent who left it being possibly sentenced to only 15 years in prison, in exchange for that baby’s death. Not even enough years for that child to have reached its majority, had it lived…

Yes…it’s true – so many sad, unalterable tragedies in the news.

Everywhere you look, no matter where you’re from, no matter what station of wealth you find yourself at, there is some news story of sadness that touches upon your circle of awareness.

Do you sit down and refuse to rise again? Do you refuse to ever smile again, or ever experience joy again, because someone, somewhere, is experiencing a tragedy?

I was given to think, yesterday, that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be allowed joy, because of all the sorrow on someone else’s news-feed. Or, maybe, they were thinking they weren’t allowed any joy.

I don’t think it works like that.

Sorrow exists. Yes. Absolutely.

And, as conscientious human beings, we should try to ameliorate whatever suffering we can, where we can, when we can, and as we can.


This does NOT exclude us from the award that is experiencing joy.

We all deserve to have some joy in our lives.

Whether that means hanging out with friends; going fishing; spending time at home, in the quiet, alone for 5 minutes; going to a drag show; spending time in the garden, or however, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else…


And, if you choose to ask others to share in that joy, and THEY decide it’s not their type of joy? They can simply say “It’s not my thing, but I hope you have fun”.

And don’t make fun of the other person for that joy.

Because that’s rude.

And not joyful at all.

There are many sorrows in this world…

Don’t make one for someone else.


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