The Shade

In the deepest darkness of my heart

Lies the Shade.

She who whispers late at night

Haunting me around corners

Seeping through my veins

Rasping voice grating my nerves

Drowning me in sorrow

Clasping me tight in anxiety

The Shade and I

We are old adversaries

And even older friends.

Perspective – Flash Fiction

There was a dead body in the kitchen.


A heavy sigh escaped Jonah’s lips, deflating his hope of getting through this evening without drama.

How the hell was he going to explain this?

“Shit. It’s Thanksgiving, all over again”, he muttered to no one in particular. “Can’t I get even  one holiday off?”

Obviously not. 

At least this one wasn’t bloated and blue like the last one. Those drowned ones were the worst, in his opinion.  Impossible to dispose of them without making a huge, freaking wet mess all over the kitchen floor.  And the grout between the tiles was almost impossible to scrub completely spotless.  Totally useless, hard to clean up, & leaving a fishy smell around for days…But…sigh… Time to get to work.

An hour later, Jonah knew why the body had been in the kitchen, who had put it there, and what he was going to do about it.  

Absolutely fucking nothing.

The body was gone, Jonah’s specialty & his talent…to make the uncomfortable truths and the inconvenient secrets disappear.  It was all a matter of perspective.  

And his restaurant had one of the highest ratings in the city because of his personal outlook on life…and a cousin in the mob.

Kind of Scary

Say, has anyone out there ever experienced one of those LSD-style, funky haloes around their vision before a migraine? 

Either I had one of those, or something else is seriously going on, here. 

I do get migraines, occasionally, but I’ve never had the “halo” effect before.

For a few minutes, I thought I was either going to black out, or go blind.

Scary as hell, either way.