50 Things

​I saw this on another blog, & decided to take a swing at it…

1. What’s the first thing you grab for in the morning?

 My phone, checking email while I pee is good time management, yes?

2. Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

My parents.  They have been through some hairy, tragic, tough shit in their lives, yet next year they will have been married 50 years, & they’re just really down-to-earth, caring, compassionate, truly kind folks who take in strays & will invite strangers to Thanksgiving if they find out they have no one else to celebrate with.

3. What do you think people notice most about you?

They probably see the humor first, because that’s how I keep my defenses safe. If I have you laughing, you won’t hurt me, right?

4. Who do you hope people notice most about you?

My humor, duh, I don’t want to get hurt. 

5. What is your biggest weakness/fatal flaw?

Probably that I’m suuuper independent & refuse to ask for help with my personal problems.

6. What is your biggest strength?

Probably that I’m suuuper independent, & can MacGyver a fix for most anything.

7. What to you is the perfect, most ideal age to be?

27. Don’t ask why, just believe me.

8. High school. Awesome or terrible?

Fucking awful

9. Cats or dogs?

Any and all, except reptiles. You name it, I’ve probably had one as a pet at some point (well, no exotics, so leave off the platypus and fennec fox)

10. Adjective that best describes you when you’re drunk?

Goofy…and usually way too fucking honest

11. Why do you love your best friend so much?

He knows who I am, warts & all, & loves me. Plus, he’s my partner in crime when I want to hit up Denny’s and mess with the wait staff by speaking the whole time with British accents.

12. Where do you want to go more than any other place in the world?
Canouan Island. For reasons.

13. Beaches or snow?
Beaches, or forests. Why aren’t forests an option here?

14. What is your absolute, number one, biggest pet peeve?

15. What is one personality trait you simply have no time for?
Entitlement.  Get over yourself. We all end up wormfood eventually.

16. Zodiac, MBTI, or Birth Order? Which is the one you lean towards?
Hmm…I’ve used them all in describing & in figuring out people. I can’t choose, I’m such a Gemini, Youngest Child, INFJ.

17. Do you believe in something after death?
Yes. But that’s all you get unless you ask me straight out.  I would say that we’re all going to hell in a handbasket, but I’m Pagan, & don’t believe in handbaskets.

18. How does someone instantaneously get on your good side?
Make me laugh with something intelligent AND funny.

19. How about your bad side?
Interrupt me mid-sentence. End of discussion.

20. How do you hope you’re described by people when you’re not around?
I would hope they say I’m funny, or kind, or smart, or good with duct tape.
21. What is your least favorite attribute about yourself?
My weight, but I’m working on that.

22. Is it okay to sleep with socks on?
Depends on what you’ve put the socks on.

23. Coffee or tea?
Flavored water. What is WITH these limited choices, I ask?

24. How many dates until you feel like it’s okay to have sex with someone?
Depends on the someone, & depends on my mood, honestly. Creepers, stalkers & fuckboys get an instant boot to the Auto Zone…the auto-reject zone.

25. What is your love language?
Braille. Let your fingers do the talking. On my neck & shoulders. For at least 5 minutes. Maybe with some warm oil or nice eucalyptus lotion.

26. Do you or do you not believe in ghosts?

27. What’s your vice?
Well, it’s a little red c-clamp just the right size for crafting & holding shit still. Do I need to get Google or Webster’s Dictionary in on this discussion? Why are you so curious about my crafting tools? Sicko.

28. Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?
Fb, mostly. But I dabble on IG. Twitter I haven’t twitted in years. And even Fb has taken a dive for me. 

29. Favorite artist?

Shawn Coss right now. Wicked stuff.

30. Odd numbers or even numbers?
42. 42 is always the answer.

31. Do you believe in organizing or life or letting things just happen?
I like to organize, mostly. But relaxing & just going with something can be a nice change, once in a while. I’m not 27 anymore, I like a little foreknowledge so I can pack my purse or pockets appropriately. Never know when you’ll need emergency gum or a roll of dental floss, yes, I have both.

32. Are you more right brained or left brained?
I’m fully brained, it’s just not always fully functional. Like, when I’m conscious.

33. Which do you prefer, logic or creativity?
Both. Again…fully brained. You need to have both. Geez.

34. Do you think opposites truly attract?
Well, the magnets all say it works. I’m just listening to the magnets.

35. What is your Hogwarts house?
I’d probably be a Ravenclaw. I ask weird questions, too. and give even weirder answers. 

36. Ask for permission or ask for forgiveness?
Neither. Are you a grownup or a malcontent? I say, do what feels right for you, as long as no one gets hurt, & it doesn’t break any laws.

37. Do you think chemistry is instant or grows with time?
I think chemistry is a class in school. I don’t want any of that shit I used to see in the beakers growing anywhere around me, thanks. I know what happens to people around growing chemistry. Radiation poisoning and burnt eyebrows. That’s what happens in chemistry.

38. Do you trust someone until proven otherwise or do you think trust has to be earned no matter who with?

Anymore? Trust has to be fucking earned with iron-clad sincerity. If you say something -MEAN. IT.

39. Are there situations in which you think lying is okay and understandable?

I have a horrible time with lies. I can’t tell them well, & hate having them said to me. Let’s just go with truth.

40. Comfortable silences or non-stop conversation?
Silence can be very good. Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver. Both get the job done. and honestly? Too much (meaningless small talk) conversation makes me want to shove red hot knitting needles in my ears.

41. Do you believe in fate or do you think we’re in complete control over our circumstances?
Little of both, actually. 

42. Love or money?
LOVE. ALWAYS. Money just pays the bills. Love makes it worth living.

43. Impulsive or methodical?
Again, why pigeonhole me? I can definitely be both. Hello…Gemini!

44. Are you pro-technology/constantly connected or do you think digital detoxes are super necessary?

45. Do you think it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?
It’s better to have loved and kept, but that doesn’t seem to work for me. They always leave.

46. Do you question things even if it will bother someone or do you try to not rock the boat?
I hate confrontation, but sometimes you have to get out of the damn boat & go looking for the shore.

47. TV shows or Movies?
A little of both, depending on whether I feel like turning on the TV at all.

48. Books or Magazines?
Books. Always.

49. Which is more preferable — being nice or being fair?
Being fairly nice and nicely fair. But no one gets to win ALL the time.

50. Describe what would bring you the ultimate happiness in life
Finding him – the one I can Love for the rest of my life, who will love me back. But I’m not holding my breath for that, anymore. Like I said before, they leave. Right now, I’m concentrating on finding moderate to medium happiness, & on the really tough days…a chocolate covered potato chip.

True/False or Total Bull

And…… the winner is…… Thoughts!

The #2 story is the true one.

The farm we lived on when I was a kid, was about 50 feet from a main highway, and we had a lot of roadkill, including many of the cats we kept to keep down the vermin population in the barn.

One of the cats had kittens just a couple of days before getting killed on our highway, and Boots (the black and white one) and Rocky (the one getting nibbled) were the only 2 that survived until I could find them in the barn.  I proceeded to bring them in the house, and against my parents’ wishes, stated that I was going to make them live.  My folks thought I was crazy, that there was no way I’d be able to take care of 2 newborn kittens, all by myself, and they were not going to help me.  They were pretty sure the kittens would be too frail to make it.

But, I talked my mom into taking me to the local farm-supply store, where I was lucky enough to find 2 tiny baby-doll bottles that had rubber nipples on them, and I proceeded to care for the boys, keeping them in a cardboard box, next to the radiator in my room.  Luckily, it was summer-time, so I could care for them throughout the day, and every night, I got up and fed and washed them off, just like their mama would have done.

The boys lived, becoming monster tom-cats.  Boots was more of a home-body, and was kind of the “Grand-Poobah” on the farm, often found babysitting the new kittens.  He didn’t care whether they were his offspring or not, he just cared that they cuddled up next to him and kept him warm in the sunshine.

Rocky was a roamer, but he always returned to the farm for visits.  Rocky and Boots got along perfectly, as though they knew that they were brothers, and didn’t have to fight over anything.  Strange for tom-cats to get along like that, but they did.

The rest of the stories?  Totally made up, with help from YoungerDaughter.  I did used to try trick-riding on my horse, but I was too chicken to stand up without something to hang on to; I did watch a lot of Star Trek, but never wore dresses if I could help it as a kid; and I was on TV in college, but for the Concordia Christmas Concert on PBS, not for any dating show. 

So, there you go.  A little truth, a lot of false, and a HUGE load of BULL… er… cats.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Just Another Random Monday

I screwed up something in my neck over the weekend, and I’m riding a wave of painkillers, so I’m just going to be a little random.

*Ok, so I’m usually kind of random, but… anyway…

** I just keep circling the fact in my mind that my EldestDaughter is now the same age I was when I had her, and the same age my mom was when she had my brother.  This fact will not leave my brain.  I am so not ready for this stage of her life to begin.  I know that life keeps moving on, but…. wow… 

** I went to her place yesterday, to drop off her birthday present, and ended up doing some minor cleaning… picking up, dishes… I really am starting to act like my mother.  Another frightening thought.  At least I wasn’t snooping through her cabinets.  Ya gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

** It’s that time of year again, when my brain starts growling about getting outdoors again.  I NEED to get outside, share space with the trees and the grass, and the sunshine.  I need Spring.  Seriously.

** YoungerDaughter went out on her first date on Saturday night.  Nuff said there – cause she’s got me on a gag order.  Just telling you that she went could get me put in DaughterDetention.  And this kid’s a tough cookie, she’ll ignore you on principle alone, just to teach you a lesson.

** I am a total gamer geek girl.  I love to play RPG (role playing games) on the PS3 and Xbox.  No judging!  To me it’s like a favorite book, that I not only get to read, over and over again, but I actually get to be one of the characters, AND I get to fight bad guys.  Stress relief is spelled D-R-A-G-O-N A-G-E 2, thanks.  OH, and Fallout 3 is one of the best games ever, with a kickass soundtrack.   I have to admit, though, that Final Fantasy X and X2 are still my favorites of all time.  I still have them both, and yes, I’ve played them eachat least 3 times.   

Among my favorite games, ones that I have in my collection, are Final Fantasys IX, X, X2, XII, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, and Oblivion, Fallout 3, Dragon Age, and Dragon Age 2, which I am playing currently.  I am a geek, loud and proud. 

** I can now say that I have perfected the Nestle’ Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe for the double batch.  Another recipe I get to add to my favorites that I am actually pretty good at.  There aren’t a whole lot of them, but the ones that I excel at?  Are a-fricking-mazing,  thanks.  Not to sound conceited, that’s just the painkillers talking.

**I can’t wait for next weekend.  I’m currently working on writing a ritual for Spring, for the next Wicca 101 class.  I just hope that we’ll have nice enough weather between now and next Sunday so that we can maybe do this outside, in the park.  *sigh*  I would so love to be able to do ritual in the park again.

Have a great week, my friends, and stay random!  If life hands you lemons, make strawberry shortcake, and watch everyone else try to figure out how the hell you did it! 

~Brea’s Random Moments ~

Brought to you today by the letter “O”, for ohmythesearegoodpainkillers…

Mercury, Sandmen and Spongebob Squarepants

Lost in the land of Insomnia again, I’ve been working overtime on losing ALL my marbles through the internet.

First off?  I actually did pretty well today, I said I was going to work on my novel, and I was able to kick out a whole chapter – namely, 2,405 words.  It was a great relief, being able to write again, and have the words simply come to my fingertips.  It’s been a while, and I thought I was going to hit a big wall, but it worked.  I blame the Smarties I snacked on.

(Interesting and totally pointless side note – OnlySon has always called these “Funnies”  I have no idea why, or where he got this idea, but hey, it kinda fits.)

(2nd interesting and totally pointless side note – In Canada, these are called “rockets” even though they look nothing like any rocket I’ve ever seen, and smarties are a candy-coated chocolate… sorta like an M & M – actually exactly like an M & M, except they don’t make me go MMMMM and MMMMM – Canadian neighbors?  Could you please call these things by their rightful names?  M&Ms make you go mmmmm, and Smarties are Funnies – case closed) 😉

I also spent a large chunk of time on Facebook this evening, chasing friends all over the pictures, theirs, mine, etc.  I felt like I was squirrel-herding, and the squirrels were winning.  That had to burn some calories, right?


So, in the end, I ran out of friends to post to on FB, everybody went to bed… slackers… and I had nothing useful to say here… until now, of course, so I ended up on – You Tube.

Someone please block YouTube from my computer?  I don’t have the willpower to do it, and I think I might have an addiction problem now.

I rifled through songs I wish I could still see on MTV, which should actually be called Non-Reality, Non-Music, Totally-off-the-Track TV, but I digress.

I watched Freddie Mercury singing about how “These Are The Days of our Lives” and how “The Show Must Go On” (gads, I miss him, he was a genius), and Pink told me it’s ok to be wrong in all the right ways with “Raise Your Glass”, and of course, my girl Katy Perry sang about my favorite “Firework”, while Sara Bareilles told me I’m not “King of Anything”, nor is anyone else, for that matter, and I ended up sniffling while John Lennon sang “Imagine” as Yoko opened up some curtains and stared off into space. (Why?)  Then, I went into superoverdrive. (Like I wasn’t already there)

I found old Beatles videos that flickered and jumped because they were just that bad black and white to begin with, I watched Metallica sing about “One” poor man, while Lars Ulrich played those wicked double bass drums, and then hit “Enter Sandman” for my EldestDaughter. (It was the only song that got her to stop kicking me while I was pregnant with her – still puts her to sleep 19 years later!) and I ended up, lo and behold, listening to Spongebob Squarepants sing about F.U.N. with evil superbuddyvillain, Plankton.

And now I have the song stuck in my head.

“F is for Fire that BURNS DOWN THE WHOLE TOWN”

“U is for Uranium BOMB”


(Yet another interesting and totally pointless side note – OnlySon used to have a Spongebob clock that sang this song.  OtherHalf broke it…by….accident – of course.)

So now, it’s 5:15 in the morning, I haven’t slept, I’m delirious, and I have Spongebob and Plankton singing about Uranium bombs in my head.

Where’s the Sandman when you really need him?

Oh, that’s right, he’s on YouTube.

Lactose Intolerant

My Friday Fun Facts are a hit here, for the most part.  At least I think so, so it must be so.  Logical?  Logical.

They are not, necessarily, a hit at my office, however.

I found out today that the women in my office are not going to allow me to have DQ anymore on Fridays.

Because after eating the lusciousness that is the French Silk Pie blizzard…(pause for nomminess)

I proceeded to spew a few of my more…ummm… non-nommy…. fun facts at a couple of the ladies.  They were less than amused. 

Oh sure, they chuckled.  But more at the fact that I seemed to be on an extended “sugar and chocolate” high; or maybe that coupled with the happiness that is Fridays had overstretched my reality checks and balances.  I was overdrawn.

I heartily and thoroughly proferred my apologies. 

They were having none of it.

So, I interjected that maybe I was Lactose Intolerant, because normally my verbal diarrhea isn’t that awful. 

They were appalled, and sent me back to my little mushroom cubbyhole, and bid me good day. 

I believe that My am banished.


It was the blizzard, officer! I swear!

And since $1.00 of the sales went to the Children’s Miracle Network for the blizzards, it was really ALL FOR THE KIDS!  vindicated.